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  • About Hiroshima University

Hiroshima University aims to be a world-class hub of education and research, to foster excellent human resources to contribute to the community, and developmentally expand science.

The main campus, covering 252 hectares, is located in Higashi-Hiroshima (Saijo), in a verdant area which is famous for sake brewing. Including campuses in Hiroshima, known as the International City of Peace and Culture, the University includes 11 faculties, 12 graduate schools, a research institute, a university hospital, and 11 attached schools.

Hiroshima University's mission of ongoing growth, as based on the five principles, is to create new forms of knowledge, nurture well-rounded human beings, continue self-development, pursue international peace, and collaborate with the local, regional, and international community. To see more information about Hiroshima University, please click here: https://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/en

  • Internet Access at Hiroshima University

We provide wireless(Wi-Fi) and Wired-LAN internet connection services at the many public areas in Hiroshima Univer


  • From Haneda, Tokyo to Hiroshima

Domestic flight There are frequent flights by ANA or JAL from Haneda, Tokyo to Hiroshima airport. If you are flying into Haneda, this is the simplest option to take.

  • From Narita, Tokyo to Hiroshima:

(Option 1) Limousine bus to Haneda and domestic flight:

There is a direct bus from Narita airport to Haneda. If you have a big luggage, this is probably the easiest way to move between the two airports.

You can see the information here,


Youtube clip!


(Option 2) Keisei Skyliner, local train, Shinkansen (bullet train), and another local train:

1.Take Keisei Skyliner to Nippori.

Information about Keisei Skyliner:


2.Change trains to JR Yamanote line to Tokyo, which is just two stops from Nippori.

When you buy the ticket, Please make sure to tell the ticket counter officer your final destination in Tokyo (ex. Tokyo Station). This way, you can get tickets for Keisei Skyliner and JR, which you will need when you transfer at Nippori Station.

3.Change to Shinkansen, Nozomi super express, to Hiroshima station.

4.Change to Sanyo Honsen, a local train, to Saijo which takes about 40 minutes.

3. Take Shinkansen (Nozomi super express) to Fukuyama station

4. Change Shinkansen Nozomi to Kodama (or Hikari) at Fukuyama station and get off at Higashi Hiroshima station

5. Take a bus to Saijo station if you are staying in Toyoko Inn or Route Inn. Otherwise traveling by taxi might be the easiest.

Information about Keisei Skyliner:


  • From Hiroshima City to the University

(Option 1)

1. Take Sanyo Honsen Line (Saijo/Mihara) at Hiroshima Station.

2. Get off at Saijo Station. It takes 37 minutes and costs JPY580. The train leaves about every 15 min. (daytime).

3. Take a bus to Hirodai Chuoguchi (Hiroshima Univ. Central Entrance). The bus leaves from #3 bus stand.

(Option 2)

This is an easy option if you are staying in central Hiroshima city and commuting to the conference venue.

1. Go to Hiroshima Bus Center which is near the Peace Park.


2. Catch the bus to Hinodai Chuoguchi (Hiroshima Univ. Central Entrance). It takes about one hour depending on the traffic.

(Option 3)

1. Take Shinkansen (super express train) from Hiroshima to Higashi Hiroshima Station.

2. There are limited number of buses to Hiroshima University from Higashi Hiroshima Station in the morning.

If there is no bus to the university, please travel by taxi (approx. 15 minutes, 2,600 yen) or catch the bus to Saijo station.

There are frequent buses to Hiroshima University from Saijo Station.

  • From Hiroshima airport to the hotelS

(Option 1) Limousine bus:

There is a direct bus to the Saijo station from Hiroshima airport. The bus will arrive at the North exit of the station. From the North exit, go through the station to the South exit.

You can see the timetable for the Limousine bus here,


(Option 2) Local bus and Train:

Another option is to take a local bus from the Airport to Shiraichi train station. Then transfer to the train bound for Saijo (Direction - Hiroshima and Iwakuni). Get off at Saijo Station.

Both “Toyoko inn, Higashihiroshima Saijo Ekimae” and “Route inn, Higashihiroshima Saijo Ekimae” are in front of the Saijo station when you get out from the South exit of the station.

1.“Route inn, Higashihiroshima Saijo Ekimae”

〒739-0011 14-24, Saijohonmachi, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima


2.“Toyoko inn, Higashihiroshima Saijo Ekimae “

〒739-0011 12-19,Saijohon-mach, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima


About Hiroshima

  • Geography

Hiroshima prefecture lies in the middle of Chugoku. Most of the prefecture consists of mountains leading towards Shimane Prefecture and rivers produce rich plains near the coast.

  • Climate

Hiroshima has a temperate climate. Summers tend to be very hot and humid. September, at the time when you are all here for the workshop, it might still be a little hot with the heat of late summer. But the temperture will go down a little in the evening.

  • Electricity and Water

Electrical Outlet is [TYPE A/ TYPE B, 100V,60Hz AC]

Tapwater is safe to drink. Bottled water should be available from the street vending machines or any shops.

  • Time Zone

Japan Standard Time (UTC+9) and Hiroshima is 9 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time

To see more information about Hiroshima, please click here:


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