We recommend you to search the hotel in Higashihiroshima by using hotel search site “tripadvisor”, The hotels close to the conference venue are as follows. Because the number of the rooms is limited, please make a reservation as soon as possible.

Hotel registration

We have 47 rooms (40 single rooms and 7 twin rooms) reserved for our conference participants at Toyoko Inn Higashi-Hiroshima Saijo Ekimae and Route-Inn Hotel. If you would like to book through us, please fill in the hotel registration form for a choice of your hotel. It will be on first-come-first-served basis. We will confirm your booking within a few days of your registration.

  • For Toyoko Inn Higashi-Hiroshima Saijo Ekimae:
    1. Single room - 6,200JPY/person
    2. Twin room - 8,200 JPY/room

  • For Route-Inn Hotel:
    1. Single room - 7,200 JPY/person
    2. Twin room - 13,800 JPY/room

Access to the University

To get to the Hiroshima university campus from the Saijo train station, please take the bus (広島大学行きバス – Direction: “HIROSHIMA DAIGAKU IKI”) at the bus stop number 3.

There are several bus stops around campus. The closest bus stop to the venue is “広大中央口- HIRODAI CHUOU-GUCHI” (Hirodai Central Entrance). The bus ride is around 15 minute’s and costs 280 yen.

Hotel information

Accommodation List in Saijyo Guidelines(.pdf) download


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